1. League Progression

League Progression

The Cosmic League

There are 3 primary leagues and a limited-period Event League, each with their own unique rules and restrictions.

Rookie League

Beginners are encouraged to start out in the Rookie League as they get accustomed to the game.
NPCs are included in these battles to serve as easier targets for new players.

Unit Capacity: 3

Prime League

After accumulating enough experience in the Rookie League, it's time to challenge the Prime League.
2 teams of 2 players are pitted against each other in this intermediate-level League. It can go up to 15vs15 if players enter the battle in progress.
Towers will appear on the map and must be protected from the opposing team.

Unit Capacity: 4

Master League

Once your League Rank has risen high enough, you will be able to participate in the Master League.
Similar to the Prime League, the Master League pits two teams of 3 players against each other with the objective of destroying the opposing team's Towers. It can go up to 15vs15 if players enter the battle in progress.
Tower defenses have been upgraded, requiring player commit more of their forces when attacking or defending.

Unit Capacity: 5

Golden League

The Golden League is a private, invitation-only league where the stakes and prizes exceed standard League matches. To participate, you'll need to get your hands on a Golden Ticket. The prize list is updated often and can be found by clicking on the Information button from the Lobby menu.

Event League

A special limited league with unique rules and stages.
Special Cosmo Pieces may only be obtained from these League battles.
Participation in the Event League requires Event Tickets, of which a maximum of 3 may be obtained per day.



Click the "Matching" button to bring up the entry criteria submenu.
You'll be able to pick which Leagues to queue for, allowing you to enter the first available match as quickly as possible.
While you will be able to queue for a single League, it's recommended to queue for multiple in order to speed up the matching process.

Before you can queue for a League, you must assign Cosmoloids to a preformed "Unit" and assign it to the corresponding League.
You may set up your Units from your Personal Ship.

Once you've set up your Unit, the Matching system will enter you into the Queue and search for players of a similar League Rank.

When Matching is complete, choose the first Cosmoloid you wish to sortie as.

League rules and Battle Progression

[Standard BP Rules]

Both teams will begin with the same amount of BP, as determined by the number of players and Cosmoloid grades.
Defeating an opponent in battle will reduce their team's BP. The team that has their BP reduced to 0 first loses.
By default, defeating an opponent will reduce their team's BP by the cost of their Cosmoloid +30. Certain rulesets may change this.

[Tower Rules]

Prime League and Master League battles revolve around the defense of allied structures known as Towers. BP is handled in much the same way as standard BP match rules with one exception; the tower will subtract a large portion of the corresponding team's BP when destroyed.

Once the battle begins, an allied tower will be constructed nearby.
While the gauge in the center of the Tower is maxed, the Tower's defenses are improved and nearby allied players are given powerful support effects.
The tower will return to normal after a certain period of time has elapsed, and the gauge will return to 0. From this point on, the gauge will slowly increase as long as allied players stay nearby. The more players remain within range, the faster its recovery will be.
Players must take care not to launch their attacks while the enemy tower's gauge is at or near max. Instead, it would be more prudent to launch an attack while the tower is relatively undefended.

Once a tower has been destroyed, the other tower will be retrieved after a short period of time.
In order to prevent the other team from securing a large BP advantage, it's highly recommended to destroy the remaining tower before it is retrieved.
The attackers will have to be quick, as the opposition will be returning to protect their tower from being destroyed as well.
Both towers will automatically be retrieved after a certain amount of time has passed, regardless of if it is under attack or not.

The cycle of tower placement, destruction & retrieval constitutes a single phase which is repeated 3 times during Prime League battles and 4 times during Master League battles.
The placement of towers per phase is random, so teams will be forced to determine a new plan of attack after each phase change.
Advanced players will need to take into account the opposing team's composition as well as the surrounding environment to formulate an effective method of offense and defense.

Battle Results

The results screen displays information on the winning team as well as individual scores and ranks.
Awards are granted to players who fulfill requirements such as targets destroyed or supporting damage.

One's rank within the match also determines the amount of rank points awarded.

Reward Points

Reward Points earned can be confirmed on the results screen. These points may be used to purchase UC, Weapons, and items such as Cosmo Pieces.
Reward Points are granted according to the player's rank within the battle and their earned awards.