Various weapons, parts, and items may be purchased in the Store.
Special Cosmoloids and/or parts may also be obtained via the Garapon.


  1. Class
    Displays weapons and parts usable by the selected class.
  2. Grade
    Displays weapons and parts equippable by the selected grade.
  3. Weapon Type
    Displays only available Main weapons or Sub weapons.
  4. Add to Cart
    Adds the selected items to the shopping cart. Parts and Items that have been added to the cart will be displayed.
  5. Status
    Displays the weapon model and stats.
  6. Currency
    Your current UC, Rt, and FR totals will be displayed here.
  7. Total
    Displays the amount required to purchase the selected items.
  8. Charge Rt
    Opens the webpage from which you can charge Rt. *Will open your default web browser.
  9. Confirm Rt
    If Rt was charged while logged in, pressing this button will send a request to update your total Rt.
  10. Purchase
    Purchases all items listed in the shopping cart.


Buy the parts you need!
Customize your Cosmoloid with new parts!


Items to aid in your progression are available for sale.


Golden League tickets may also be purchased through the store..