Graphic Settings

Resolution Changes the game's resolution.
Presets Switches between preset display settings.
Character Detail Changes render limit for character models as well as their render distance.
Shadow Quality Changes shadow quality.
Environmental Shadows Changes shadow display settings for the character and the environment./td>
Soft Shadows Toggles Shadow aliasing.
SSAO Toggles ambient occlusion.
Reflections Toggles environmental reflections on water surfaces.
Bloom Toggles bloom effects.
DoF Toggles Depth of Field.
Antialiasing Toggles Antialiasing for softer edges.
Soft Particles Toggles Soft Particles.
Default Settings Revert to default settings.

Keyboard & Mouse

Customize your Keyboard controls.


Customize your Gamepad controls.

Audio Settings

Change your sound settings.

Macro Settings

Register new macros or edit existing ones.


Screenshot Changes image format.
Emotes Assign different keys to Emotes.
Cheer Changes your Cheer message.