1. Cosmoloid Maintenance

Cosmoloid Maintenance

Regarding Cosmoloid Maintenance

Each Cosmoloid has an Endurance value, which gradually decreases as they take part in League Battles.

Endurance recovers slowly over time, but if it reaches 0, the Cosmoloid will be required to undergo Maintenance.

During Maintenance, the Cosmoloid will recover their Endurance faster than waiting normally.
However, Cosmoloids undergoing Maintenance cannot be used until the Maintenance period finishes.

Click on the icon once Maintenance is completed.

Upon completion of Maintenance, the Cosmoloid's Endurance will be fully recovered.
In addition to replenishing their Endurance, Cosmoloids undergoing maintenance will use that time to review past battle data, adding to their EXP.

Check on your Cosmoloids after their Maintenance has been completed!