1. Augmentation


The Augmentation function allows a Cosmoloid to inherit the strength and cartridges of another along with some EXP.
EXP items may also be used in the place of other Cosmoloids.

Item-based Augmentation

EXP Items simply raise the target Cosmoloid's EXP.
Once Augmentation is completed, the item is lost.

Cosmoloid inherited Augmentation

Any Cosmoloid may also be used as a catalyst to Augment another.
When the Augmentation process is complete, the catalyst Cosmoloid is lost.
The Augmented Cosmoloid will gain EXP based on the catalyst level and a random selection of Cartridges which were installed.

Cosmoloid Succession.

When the catalyst Cosmoloid uses the same core as the target Cosmoloid, Cosmoloid Succession replaces the standard Augmentation.
Cosmoloid Succession will increase the target Cosmoloid's active slots.

When the catalyst Cosmoloid possesses alternate parts, these will be made available via Form Change after Succession.
*As an example, a Swimsuit Fiona could be used as the catalyst in Cosmoloid Succession with an Original Fiona. After Succession, you would be able to swap between the different models and hair styles by switching between the cores via the Customization screen.
Form Changing allows you to swap individual parts for their effects such as destructible Costumes.