1. Clans & Groups

Group Matching

Group matching allows you to enter matching with your friends. In normal league battles, you will be able to enter the queue with a maximum of 3 members per group.

Creating a Group

Start by creating a group.
During creation, you'll be able to set how many players can join the group.

Naming your group

Choose a group name.
Enter in your desired name, then click "Accept" to create your group.

Group Invitations

Invite players to your group.

Invitations to groups will show up in the "REQUEST" menu, accessible from its button at the top of the screen.
Once the invitation is accepted, they'll be added to the group.

Group Matching

Select an applicable group and enter "Group Matching".

Select which Leagues to queue for.

Group members currently in Group Matching will appear with Yellow names.
When queued for Group matching, any player can click the Matching button to enter the group into matching.
*Only a group of up to 3 players may participate as a team. Groups of over 3 players will be split up randomly.

*Groups will be automatically disbanded if no League participation or use of group chat is logged within 30 days.