1. Grade & Limit Removal

Grade & Limit Removal

Cosmoloid level progression is broken up between 4 "Grades," each with their own level caps.
Grade C is comprised of levels 1-10, Grade B of levels 11-20, Grade A of levels 21-30, and Grade S of levels 31-40.
Once a Cosmoloid reaches the level cap for its Grade, Limit Removal is required to increase its Grade.
When a Cosmoloid's grade is increased, various parameters such as its Armor and Boost capacity are greatly improved.
*Individual Cosmoloids may have differing maximum Grades.

In order to remove a Cosmoloid's limiter, it must first be raised to the maximum level for its current grade.
The Limit Removal button can only be clicked on Cosmoloids eligible for the Limit Removal process.

When removing a limiter, special Trigger items and an amount of UC will be required to begin the process.
Once you've cleared the initial requirements, you will be be able to remove the Cosmoloid's limiter.

Upgraded Cosmoloids will be able to make use of higher level Cartridges.
The number of concurrent active cartridges will also be increased.

Upgraded Cosmoloids will gain large bonuses to their status and be able to use many more Cartridges.
Aim for Grade S!