1. Cartridges


Regarding Cartridges

"Cartridges" are Cosmoloid upgrade units which have a variety of effects such as changing & adding movement actions or functions such as status upgrades when the conditions are cleared.

In order to gain a Cartridge's effects, one must first install the cartridge to a Cosmoloid. Once installed, the cartridge must then be Activated.
There is no limit to the number of Cartridges that may be installed to a single Cosmoloid, but the maximum number of cartridges that may be Activated at any given time is limited.

There are a large number of cartridges which are easy to obtain, making it an attractive and easy way to upgrade your Cosmoloids. Pick a combination which suits your playstyle!
Other cartridges may be obtained as League awards and exchanged for Cosmo Pieces.

Installing Cartridges

"Cartridges may be installed to a Cosmoloid by clicking the Intall button.

A list of your currently owned Cartridges will be displayed. Select the cartridge you want to install to begin the process.

Cartridges may trigger an "Affinity" with Cosmoloids during installation.
When activated, Cartridges with an Affinity will gain additional effects such as increased armor.

Confirm your choice and click "Install" to begin the installation process.

Installation successful!
If the Cartridge displays an Affinity during Installation, you'll be able to confirm its effects on this screen.

Activating Cartridges

Once installed, you may activate or deactivate a cartridge at any time by clicking the checkbox by its name.

Cartridge effects will only be applied while activated.
Make sure you remember to activate your cartridges before you enter Matching!

The maximum number of Cartridges you may have active increases alongside your Cosmoloid's grade. Find a combination that works well for you!