1. Class




A highly mobile class specializing in close quarters combat.
Assault types are expected to dodge enemy attacks while constantly inflicting damage.
They are capable of doing battle in the air for short periods of time.
Members of the Assault class include Axion and Zero Saber.


A durable class specializing in close range ground combat.
The Panzer prefers to take the shortest path to their target—generally a straight line—and smash them to pieces.
Members of the Panzer class include Lunastacia and Mighty Byne.


A high speed class specializing in mid to close-range aerial combat.
The Aerial fighter tends to stay just out of range and weakening their target before swooping in to deliver the final blow.
Members of the Aerial class include Crimrose and Brickgale.


A heavily-armed class specializing in long-range combat.
The Buster is a slow-moving walking arsenal with enough firepower to ruin anyone's day.
As they lack countermeasures for close-quarters combat, precise aim and smart positioning are key to their survival.
Members of the Buster class include Fiona and Destructor.


A slow, durable class specializing in prolonged high-altitude combat.
The Fortress tends to stay far above the battlefield to rain down ordnance on the hapless masses.
Members of the Fortress class include Albatreos and Garula Bird.


A versatile class specializing in interfering with enemy forces.
The Jammer has access to a wide variety of abilities such as a portable slow field or a shield that blocks all oncoming enemy fire.
Members of the Jammer class include Tarantulic and Bugsycait.