1. Story



Though a multitude of varied civilizations exist, scattered throughout the galaxies, two in particular have garnered universal attention.
The first were the Humes, an organic species whose techology and adaptability have allowed them to prosper.

The other are robots who, despite being inorganic metallic lifeforms, possess similar values to Humes.
Their combined love for sports and combat have led to the foundation of the Cosmic League, a galactic-scale battle event.

The League draws participants from across the universe. The strongest of the strong test their mettle against each other.
Those who come to fight and those who come to cheer them on do so out of necessity.
What they desire is not wealth, nor is it fame...

The Cosmo Piece...a miraculous material capable of granting one's heartfelt desire
...To save her home...
...To bring her brother back...
...To find the reason she was brought into the world...
...To grant your wishes...

And so begins a battle which must be won at all costs!



Born on a peaceful planet which had never known conflict. She entered the Cosmic League to save her hometown from a perilous situation.
Her gentle personality and general selflessness belies her unshakable determination to do whatever it takes to protect those she cares about.


A member of the Blue Moon, a clan of highly-skilled warriors.
She entered the Cosmic League in order to find clues about her brother, who was hailed as the strongest the clan had ever seen.
Although she has a tendency to use her overwhelming strength and brute force to overcome most situations, she enjoys taking care of others.


A young girl whose origins are wrapped in mystery.
Bearing a massive railgun as tall as she is, her reputation as a perfect shot in the Arena has earned her the respect and fear of many.
Will she find her reason for existing within the Cosmic League?